Radical Orpheus descends to the underworld.

he wrote eurydice power ballads with guitar solos so intense they made hades headbang

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  • january: post halloween candy hangover
  • feburuary: couples halloween
  • march: almost halloween
  • april: almost halloween
  • may: almost halloween
  • june: almost halloween
  • july: almost halloween
  • august: almost halloween
  • september: basically halloween
  • november: still halloween
  • december: halloween for jesus
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ok giant emotion dump so i don’t spam wtnv more than i already have

-steve is cecil’s brother in law!

-janice is steve’s step daughter!!

-cecil has a sister!!!

-steve doesn’t hate cecil and they actually got along at the start oh god

-steve is a true nightvalian what with seeing all the signs…

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  • Teri: we already know how harsh cecil was in the past though
  • Teri: all the old episodes
  • Teri: he put out a vendetta on a guy over a haircut
  • Neat Babe: yeah o -o
  • Teri: him and his interns burned effigies over people believing in mountains
  • Teri: he has favorite fires
  • Teri: he does visibly soften and questions more since he got together with carlos
  • Teri: and the stuff he says sometimes is like very cosmic like carlos has been talking about science and shit with him
  • Teri: instead of him just being a fucking idiot saying What the fuck is the moon you guys
  • Neat Babe: LOL true
  • Teri: yeah we don't need to imagine shit, he's a horrible, ignorant dick the whole show but that's why he's fun
  • Teri: also, he still doesn't give a fuck if interns die
  • Neat Babe: and he tried to kill kevin. and threatened to bully to death the person who bought him
  • Teri: mmhmm mmhmm
  • Neat Babe: not to mention the time he was responsible for steve's re-education
  • Teri: exactly
  • Neat Babe: what a jerk, I love him
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  • WTNV fandom: Is Steve Cecil's brother-in-law?
  • WTNV fandom: Is Steve Cecil's stepbrother?
  • WTNV fandom: Is Steve Cecil's half-brother?
  • Steve Carlsberg: Hell if I know
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  • Question: but spies dont smoke everytime they turn into someone else? (disguise) - Anonymous
  • Answer:


    Nah, Ted doesn’t.  Matthieu doesn’t either when disguised.

    Tho, Ted’s disguise kit is very faulty.   He can look like the REDs, but..image



    Not exactly like them.

    Sooooo disguising is pretty much useless to Ted and he has to rely mainly on stealth and cloaking to get around  (though even his cloaking device can just stop working at times).  Fine by him.  He’s been great at hiding and sneaking around since he was a child who relied on thievery to survive.  

    He still likes to use his disguise kit for fun, tho.

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Today is the ever so lovely lemonsweetie's birthday!!! They've been a special buddy to me since we met through DS9 here on Tumblr almost a year ago. The sweet in the username is not deceiving, you'll meet very few people in your life that is as good of a person. I'm so proud of all the growth and struggles they've pulled through in just the small time I've known them and I love them dearly. ♥

I somehow managed to drag Lemon (deep) down the TF2 hole when I made the return. When the two of us are playing MvM together they play a Medic to my Heavy and shit gets wrecked. Here’s our duo together doing just that. 

There’s a little friend in this picture that they don’t have for their Medic yet but he may be waiting for them.

Here’s the picture all high res and in one piece!

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Hey hallublin! Look what I had made!

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